Polyurethane and Epoxy

We have 2 different portable units to serve you at almost any location.  We primarily serve (but are not limited to) Vanderhoof, Prince George, Fort St. James, Fraser Lake, Houston, Burns Lake and Mackenzie.  We offer:

- Spray-on Industrial Flooring
- Spray Industrial Polyurethane Coatings
- Minor Cement Repair and Coating
- Fuel/Compressor Tank Coatings
- Log Truck Inner Fender Coatings
- Foam Letter and Figure Coating
- Polyurethane Coatings for Waterproofing
- Polyurethane Equipment Coatings
- Industrial Roller Coatings
- Foundation Coatings
- Deck Coatings
- Restaurant Floor Coatings
- Decorative Floor Coatings
- Floor Coatings in Uniform or Tile Appearance
- Floor Coatings on Wood or Cement
- Sandblasting
- Portable Sandblasting and Painting
- Industrial Painting (ie. Logging, Sawmill, Mining)
- Aluminum Painting or Rhino Coating

Portable Rates vary depending on job size, location, and work being done
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Pick-up/Delivery Available for Light Equipment
Can Spray Rhino TuffGrip, HardLine or Hi-Chem

We are an authorized Rhino Linings Dealer and an authorized Rhino HomePro Dealer


Density Spray Foam

One of our portable units offers spray foam insualtion and roofing.  It is available for commercial, industrial and residential applications.  Our Sprayer and our Foam is CCMC Certified.  The wall spray foam we use is Foamsulate Eco.  We offer:

-Wall spray foam
-Spray foam box ends
-Spray foam vaulted ceilings
-Spray foam and blown in flat ceilings
-Spray foam and membrane roofing for flat     top roofs

We Spray Foam Insulation in Prince George, Vanderhoof, Burns Lake, Ft St James and more
Also check out more on our Foamsulate Eco at their webpage

Floor using Rhino HomePro Charcaol Gray for J and S Restaurant
Household Box Ends Insulated with Foamsulate Spray Foam
Industrial Floor Using Rhino TuffGrip for Premium Pellet
Rhino HomePro with Tile Look
Residential Deck Coated with Rhino HomePro
Residential Bathroom Floor with Rhino HomePro Tile Look
Baptism Tank - HomePro
Lumber Rollers with TuffGrip and grit for L&M Lumber
Arena Floor - HardLine, Smooth Finish for District of Vanderhoof
Residential Bathroom Floor - HomePro Tile look
Cement Stairs - Rhino TuffGrip and Gray HomePro for School District 91
Coating of inside pump truck with Rhino Hi-Chem for Chilco Contacting
Foam Insulating of Mine Drill for Endako Mines
Tank Ready for Rhino Coating for Thompson Creek Mines - Endako
Applying Roof Membrane to Blower Ducts for Nechako Lumber
Applying Premicote Membrane over Meduim Density Foam to Make a water proof seal
Lining a 75' thickener for Thompson Creek Mines - Endako with Rhino Hi-Chem
Applying Meduim Density Foamsulate Spray Foam to a water tower for the Village of Burns Lake
Floor coating at West Fraser - Fraser Lake Sawmills with Rhino Homepro, color Antler
Various rollers coated with Rhino TuffGrip and grit in action for L&M Lumber
BEFORE: Wood floor in church storage room just replaced due to damage from heavy chair dolleys
AFTER: Floor Coated with Rhino HardLine to prevent future damage
BEFORE: The deck of this tugboat was corroded from all the salt water and was very slippery
AFTER: Deck coated with Rhino Hi-Chem to prevent corrosion and grit was added for traction.
BEFORE: The floor of this assay lab at Endako Mines was porous and hard to clean
AFTER: Floor coated with Rhino Hi-Chem to prevent damage from spilled acids, kick plates sealed to the floor to allow for easier cleaning
Rhino HomePro was applied over the damaged counter top for the District of Vanderhoof, color: Granite
This RV roof was coated with Premicote Roof Membrane, it is now seamless and waterproof
Rhino TuffGrip coated roller for Nechako Lumber
Central Interior
Pro Foam

Residential floor done with Rhino HomePro, 24" by 24" Diamond pattern
Completed thickener tank lining for Thompson Creek Mines - Endako with Rhino Hi-Chem
Coating of old paver stone and stamped concrete walkway for a residential customer with Rhino HomePro color; Galaxy