Rhino Linings of Vanderhoof is located at 1644 Aspen Drive in Vanderhoof.  Our shop location offers various services for you vehicle and equipment requiring industrial sandblasting and painting.

- Spray-in Boxliners
- Spray-on Rockguards
- Spray Coatings on Truck Decks
- Trailer Frame Coatings
- Boat Coatings and Painting
- Undercoating
- Fuel/Compressor Tank Coatings
- Log Truck Inner Fender Coatings
- Foam Letter and Figure Coating
- Polyurethane Coatings for Waterproofing
- Polyurethane Equipment Coatings
- Sandblasting
- Industrial Painting (ie. Logging Equipment)
- Minor and Major Body Work/Rust Repair
- Aluminum Painting or Rhino Coating
- Minor Welding Repairs
- Light Truck Accessories Sales

Shop Rate is $60.00/hr
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Pick-up/Delivery Available for Light Equipment
Can Spray Rhino TuffGrip, HardLine or Hi-Chem

We are an authorized Rhino Linings Dealer and an authorized Rhino HomePro Dealer

Central Interior
Pro Foam

TuffGrip, below the rail, spray in boxliner
AFTER: Rhino HardLine applied to outside protect again scratches, we also repainted the red with a Armor Shield in a custom red tint. 
BEFORE: 87' GMC Wrangler, rust everywhere
AFTER: Cab and box came off, frame blasted and painted.  Rust areas replaced or repaired, Rhino TuffGrip boxliner and Rhino rock guard applied.  Painted with Dupont paint.
F-350, Rhino rock guard applied (black) to truck, Bush Wacker flares sprayed and installed
Road entry gate painted with 2 tone ClovaCoat paint for P&H Supplies
Bumper and Bra Coated with Rhino HardLine
Custom Desktop done with Rhino HomePro, colors Carribean and Charcaol Gray
Rhino TuffGrip boxliner and Rhino rock guard painted to match original 2 tone
Rhino rock guard (black) and flares caoted to match
Along the bottom only Rhino rock guard (black)
AFTER:  Rust areas replaced or repaired, Rhino TuffGrip boxliner and Rhino rock guard applied.  Painted with Dupont paint.
BEFORE: 89' Dodge Ram, rust everywhere
Rhino rock guard apllied to truck and flares, painted with Dupont paint to color match for Blue Valley Enterprises
BEFORE: Paint faded, front heavily chipped
Rhino HardLine bra applied to front of car
BEFORE: These older aluminum rims were sandblasted, zinc oxide primed and then epoxy primed
AFTER: Rims painted with Cloverdale Armour Shield Gloss Black and M-503 Silver
BEFORE: The owner wanted his new Arctic Cat to stand out for the rest
AFTER: The racks and bumpers were coated and a rock guard around the outside edge and on the handbar cowl